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October 25th, 2014

Extensions Plus is an internationally recognized and respected name in the hair extensions and wigs industry.
Extensions Plus caters to stylists and consumers with discerning taste in wigs and hair extensions.
I have been going gere for the last 8 months for a couple of clients  and itsTHE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.
I could live with that if I thought they had good qulaity extensions for a good price.
The last extension I purchased tangled and it took four months until it stopped doing this.
Common sense will tell you the tags will not be on the hair if the hair was weaved and trying to be styled  .
I have been using Extensions Plus hair for about 4 years and have never had a problem with shedding until recently.
It used to be of such high quality that I forked over the money without complaint.
I was losing so much hair that I needed to get a new installation after only about a month.
I really hope that this was just a fluke and that EP is still the best hair around.
My basin water was brown from the dye  when I clarified and again when I shampooed and just a bit when I conditioned.
This business has definitely gone down hill and I will NEVER order from them again.
When I do phone orders I always get some ditzy fool who keeps laughing at some joke or TV they have running on in the background.
Im putting one because I have too Im going to start off with some history I first started wearing extension plus about seven years ago when the hair and service was good if the owner really cares about the business customers should come first.
Recently I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE  was any woman on here i would not deal with them.
I had to spend money twice on installation on my hair the hair that was sent to me in september shed like crazy it was zig zag wavy i purchased 4 bundles and they told me send back my hair which i had to pay for to send and to take out.
So of course im pissed i had to take it out send it back and wait for a response from their hair D.
I recently sent a email to them because I recieved a computer generated email with prices going up i responded to the email saying that they need to back to the quality they use to have.
They closed my account because i voiced my opinion they get over on us because we live in new york.
Its more than me in my circle of friends and family that experieced bad service on hair.
After leaving 5 messages and calling for over a week trying to reach customer service I finally was able to place an order for indian hair.
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Extensions Plus participates in community welfare programs and supports nonprofit organizations.
Your response can win back a customer and convince others that you are committed to quality and service.
Act as if you were telling your experience to a friend and be as detailed as possible.

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