How to dye hair extensions darker

How to dye hair extensions darker If indeed the hair clip extensions are all human hair it is possible to recolor them.
Dyeing your hair AND the extensions at the same time with the same color may or may not work.
Your extensions have already undergone an extensive chemical treatment process thus rendering the hair more likely to absorb the dye differently.
Taking hair lighter is always more damaging and choosing red is a more difficult color to match and the red dye molecules are naturally larger causing them to fade off more quickly.
One suggestion might be to take you and your extensions to a reputable salon and have them do the match job.
Good luck and have a fun time in Florida no matter what length or color your hair is.
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Several sheets of newspaper or a sheet of plastic often works well to ensure the dye does not stain the region where you are colouring the extensions.
Apply your gloves and add the desired amount of hair dye into the mixing bowel that will be used as a reservoir for your hair dye mixture.
Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots just beneath the hair extension attachment clip.
The hair dye mixture can be massaged through the extensions using your gloved hands to ensure an even distribution.
Rinse the conditioning product off the using warm water until the water runs clear.
Outlined below are the some of the key steps that will improve your chances of achieving the best possible result for your much loved set of hair extensions.
This will result in less stripping to the hair follicle and lead to much better results.
This type of dye is less damaging and does not dry out the hair as much as permanent alternatives.
Hair Care Products page to find out which products would work best for your hair type.
Other secondary differences between the two types are the duration of the color and the degree of changes observed upon application.
You can add tonal changes to your natural hair color without sacrificing your overall look.
You can add fashionable colors into your hair without worrying about these becoming a permanent part of your look.
All of these will have a significant impact on your overall appearance so always choose the permanent hair dye with care.
If you are considering dying your hair extensions you must purchase Virgin hair because it has not been colored before and is natural.
Purchasing any other kind of hair is likely to damage the hair because it has already been colored and chemically processed.
If you are considering dying your hair extensions a lighter shade you will need to buy a stronger developer.
After you have purchased the hair color and developer make sure your extensions are completely dry and clean.
You should ALWAYS do a test strand first to make sure it is going to come out the color that you want.
Follow the hair dye directions in order to determine how long to wait before washing the dye out.
It is highly recommended to let the extensions dry naturally before styling or wearing them.
Lifetime of human hair extensions vary from a few months to a few years depending on the type and quality of the extensions.
Human hair extensions that are permanently sewed in to your real hair usually last for a few months and often up to six months.
This test basically confirms whether or not the dyeing process can damage the hair weaves.
The dye must be prepared as per directions and then applied to a small portion of the hair extensions first for testing.
A lot of companies allow you to order samples of hair extensions that you can test with even before actually buying them.
Virgin Hair Extensions Perfect hair type for coloring are the Virgin Hair Extensions also called Virgin Remy Hair Extensions.
Coloring of virgin hair extensions is much like doing them for natural hair and a lot of care must be taken to protect them from harsh chemical agents.
Reiterating that strand testing is the best method to prevent damage from dyeing.
Lightening usually requires bleaching hair extensions which can really damage the hair extensions.
Allow some time between using the stripper and bleach so the hair is not damaged too much.
Always remember that this process could severely damage the hair extensions and you may be required to apply bleach a few times when lightening hair.
So follow the instructions carefully and pay close attention to any usage warnings.
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